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Noah's Clubhouse

Personal and Professional...

... remembrances of knowing or working with Noah are just as important as the fandom surrounding him. If you got a story to tell, send it to me for publication here. (I may write back to get clarification, so don't be put off if I do so.)

BE ADVISED!! NO scurrilous material will be considered.


I was in communication with the director several years ago of Flypast, a film Noah did in Britain soon after NES (The Neverending Story). When I asked,

"What's the story behind Flypast starring Noah Hathaway?"

Not much to tell really, Noah was brilliant as usual but due to one reason and another the negative master was left stored at Universal Films in London for some years. When we came to get it, the company had disappeared off the face of the earth and so has all our masters. We've tried many times to track them down but with no luck. I had heard a rumour that someone had taken it, edited it and put it out but that is impossible as I have the sound rushes for it. I'd really like to know where the neg master is myself as I would love to release it and I did write the thing as well as direct it.

I am thinking of putting "Flypast" out as an Audio CD when I get the time to listen to it.

He later added,

I thought that he was one great kid and his Dad was one of the nicest people that I have ever met. They stayed with me and were terrific people.


Did you know that Bob (Noah's father) walked very badly, he had been shot in the leg in the Bay of Pigs incident and then run over by Lee Marvin on a motorbike!

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