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The info on this page is circa 2004; no further update is planned by the current owner.

11 Nov 2003:THEY'RE BACK THEY'RE BACK THEY'RE... The Noodle and Peter Scans from Bravo have been found!! Click on over to the Links page and enjoy. (And download the images in case they disappear again.)
CORRECTION: Noah's wife told me that Noah has NOT YET made a move to Miami in order to open a customized motorcycle shop. The move will take place by summer 2004.
Noah had done a few interviews in the past few months, and when I get the links to all of 'em, they'll appear on the Links page.
17 Apr 2005: My NEW website is NO LONGER in development, as I have let other people take over from me at the Yahoo Group, and they are developing their own site.

Mistaken Identity:Noah did not star in a flick called "Max" as reviewed at IFV Chicago, nor did he do any voiceovers for a Japanese anime' series called Gundam.


Copyright 2001-7 by Don Drews

Rumors No More

Noah has verified several bits about his life:

* He taught advanced jazz and street dance in his late teens, until an injury forced him to quit at 18, so he studied Muay Thai boxing and then fought as an amateur;

* Prior to moving back to LA in 1998, he lived in New York for 2.5 years;

* In 1995, he had blue hair;

* He has tended bar at several LA clubs;

* He has several tattoos -- one is one his left shoulder, while another fairly complicated one is on his right down to his forearm;

* He holds black belts in Tang Su Do and Shotokan;

* He was learning American Kempo from a Dr Jerry Erickson, and had also helped him teach "...a close-quarter combat training course for flight attendants and pilots for the airlines."

Overheard or Asked For Info

* A Yahoo NH Clubhouse member reports that Noah admitted to being a dancer to a flight attendant on a flight from LA to NYC in late 2001. He was said to be very polite, a "great looking guy" and "had a beautiful smile."

* Noah appeared in person at midnight, 23 Feb 2002, at a South Pasedena screening of The Neverending Story.

Make Him Famous Again

Numerous magazines and television entertainment shows are always looking for what fans are interested in. If you're a fan of Noah, tell them all how you feel

Tell them why you're a fan, why you think Noah would make a good subject, and even point 'em to this site for a look (it couldn't hurt).

Above all, though, DO be courteous and kind.

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